History of the company

June 21

We celebrate our birthday. Fullstack LLC was created as a subdivision of Automacon to manage several projects of VkusWill trading network: Mobile App and Supplier’s Personal Office


We made the long-awaited version of the mobile app for iOS. By April 10 we had already released the mobile app for Android.


We released a large update of the VkusVill mobile application with intangible motivation – medals. They can be obtained for various achievements: for example, becoming a Dairy Lieutenant for purchasing 40 products from the subcategory Milk, Cream,Yoghurts or Jacques-Yves Cousteau by visiting 15 different stores.


Fullstack started working with the company Komus. The task was to develop a mobile application for the PDT


We started development of a corporate mobile app for the Maria Ra network and completed work on the mobile app for “Oblaka”.


We started working on the mobile application of the PivCo network and completed the development of a mobile application for the Kulinarium network.


Cooperation agreements were signed with Nakhodka (Russian Fish Company) and Podruzhka networks


Automacon (founder of Fullstack) entered the U.S. market


The mobile app for VkusVill couriers was made and published.  Read more about the project in an article on vc.ru


The absolute record for the number of daily orders in the VkusVill app was recorded – 100,000!

And that’s just the beginning!

Our benefits:

A complex approach

We lead projects from prototyping to post-launch support. We are ready to get involved at any stage and take control of all processes.


We divide large projects into stages, comply with deadlines, and launch projects without delay.

Pure Code:

We are responsible for the quality of the code, using only the best technical solutions.

Individual solution:

We will develop a solution that is suitable for your business, taking into account the characteristics of the business model and the preferences of your customers.


We are fully responsible for the result of each employee and the project as a whole.

Professional Team:

We are able to work with different technologies and solutions, we implement both local and international projects at the same high level.

Reviews and thanks:

Grigor Andreevich Yeremyan
Atlas →
19 January 2022

The guys made a cool application for the company’s employees, everything is in order with taste. The functionality was quickly redone, for additional whims. Very nice, fast and beautiful. Keep it up! Recommend??

Alexander Kurjanovich
СEO Trader Stock
Stock Signals →
21 June 2021

The work with FullStack programmers was done qualitatively and within the specified time frame. After the completion of the project I as a customer had 6 months for free identification of “bugs” and their fixes, there were 1-2 insignificant “bugs”).

I recommend the FullStack team for cooperation to everyone who wants to get their IT project done in quality and within the stipulated time frame.

Emil Abuzyarov
Project Manager
VkusVill Courier →
26 March 2021

The guys have made a cool application for couriers, the development is going fast. They always correct fast if something is wrong, they have done the background work of the application in the absence of the Internet. There is still a lot of work ahead, but it’s just a joy to work with a cool team.

Cirilla Gromyko
Digital Product Manager

Thank you very much for the work of the FullStack team working on the app, and Alexey Kaftanov! The guys are always in touch and respond to any problem. Alexey answers promptly at any time of the day or night and works “without reminders”. I also appreciate the fact that they do not treat the application as just a task, but are open to generating ideas and suggesting interesting solutions. And thank you also for the patience with which the team explains technical features of tasks and discusses them.

Angelika Mordovchenko
Digital Product Manager
VkusVill Mobile App →
01 March 2020

We are very pleased with the involvement of the team!

Indeed, it is important that I can rely on the team when everything is bad and share the experience when users are happy and praise us from the innovation of the functionality!

Blondie Barutti
BePerk →
06 August 2019

I had a crazy dream about building a social media app. I didn’t think I will be able to get it done or to see it come to life until I met Fullstack Team. They helped me build my app and brought my idea to life. They were there with me in every step of the way since day one. Great people as well. They will care about your product. They made my dreams come true and I’m very thankful to them. Thank you Fullstack Team!

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