About the Client.

Blondie Baruti, American actor and former basketball player, is the author of a biographical book chronicling his life journey from a small settlement in the Congo to the carpet of Hollywood.

The goal

To create a secure social network that allows users to share photos and videos with a limited lifecycle and viewing time in a feed or private message.

The tasks

– Ensuring privacy;

– Rapid messaging;

– Speeding up media file uploads;

– Customize content settings

The  solution

Development of IOS and Android application and site where users can exchange private messages, set time of the availability of publications, their visibility, presence or absence of likes, comments, etc.

The technologies

PHP, native IOS, Android development.


Creating a secure personalized social networking service tailored to the needs and desires of each user. Modification of all content options.

Hidden publications that can be accessed by individual invitation and cannot be viewed without transition.