About the client

“Chaevye Prosto” is a system of incentives and motivation of service sector employees (waiters, stylists, salesmen, hotel administrators, couriers, etc.).

The goal

To create a secure service which allows the customer to leave a tip with a bank card, NFC, Apple, Google, Samsung Pay in one click.

The tasks

– Transparent system of motivation;

– Simplification of communication between the client and the employee of the service;

– Ensuring security of payments;

– Elimination of a customer’s need to carry cash

The solution

Development of a website and an application for service sector workers and business administrators to analyze the staff efficiency. 

Getting a QR-code, tied to a personal bank card of an employee or a shift, if it is a common “pot” (at will of employees). 


ModX (backend), ReactNative. Integration with Rkeeper, iiko, Poster, TillyPad and other programs.


The client pays directly with a QR code, without downloading additional third-party applications. The guest only has to choose an employee and enter the amount. 

Instant crediting of tips to the employee’s bank card.

Relieving the accounting department: such payments are not tax-deductible as they are covered by a donation agreement.

Variety of QR-code placements: tee-board, personal business card of the employee, flyer, pre-check, etc.

The service is used by 4376 institutions and more than 28 thousand employees. 

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