About the Client

The company IFARMA conducts clinical trials of medicines in Russia and the EAEC. The organization is a resident of Skolkovo Technopark, part of the ChemRar group of companies.

The goal

To create an online platform for interaction between registered doctors-researchers (drug developers), patients-volunteers and sponsors-organizers of clinical trials.

The tasks

– Development of a convenient information portal;

– Connecting databases (of clinical trials, accredited medical institutions and investigators);

– Simplification of communication between participants of the process:

– Search by parameters (location, area of medicine, etc.)

The solution

Creating a website that brings together all participants in clinical trials (volunteers, physicians, sponsors).

Development of personal accounts with the ability to add information on enrollment status and criteria, number of volunteers, etc.


Creation of a relevant search system allowing to find information on the specified parameters: region, city, name of the medical institution, therapeutic area, a particular clinical trial and the researcher.

Possibility of cross-searching the databases of registries.

Currently the platform contains information about 7780 clinical trials, 1771 medical institutions, 4931 investigators and 2770 patients and healthy volunteers.