About the Client

MRIYA Resort & SPA is a premium-class family resort located on the southern coast of the Crimean peninsula. Includes hotel, private medical facilities, villas, restaurants, lounge areas and more.

The goal

Development of a corporate mobile application that allows employees to familiarize clients with the services of the hotel complex, connect them and accept payment. Customer identification is done by a personalized wristband or a card from the hotel room.

The tasks

– Creation of software which interacts with the accounting system of the complex;

– Possibility of booking and payment via a terminal;

– Connecting acquiring

The solution

Development of unique software for terminals which interacts with the hotel accounting system, fiscal drive and acquiring.

With its help workers can carry out online booking, accept contactless payment, print receipts and send them for fiscarization.


NFC, MiFare1 Classic


Development of a mobile application and a multi-level online platform with the ability to create subsites for each area of the complex (hotel, SPA, fitness, medical, amusement park etc.).

Integration of the app with the hotel system.

Processes acceleration: the mobile application allows the employees to serve the clients quicker and to accept cashless payment in one click (by means of NFC). It takes place with a guest’s individual wristband or room card linked to an account or deposit.