Types of work

Technical support of applications
Supports application operation on new versions of operating systems and devices. Fixing bugs in the application.
Mobile app development
Expanding the current functionality, as well as developing new ones. Publishing updates on the App Store and Google Play.
Assessment of application performance
UX audit, hypothesis generation and testing, optimization of user scenarios. Work on improving Retention, DAU, MAU.

Cooperation options

1. Fix.
Monthly subscription fee, a convenient option for dynamically developing projects with a clear release plan for the near future.
2. Time and Material
A convenient option for spot problems or non-private releases, since payment is based on the work done.
3. SLA.
An option for companies whose profit depends on the availability of the application. The degree of importance of force majeure, as well as the terms of response are fixed in the contract.


The cost of technical support for a progressive application is calculated individually, based on your needs, technology stack, and developer skill level. It usually includes uptime support, installation of statistics systems and ergonomics improvements. Based on our experience, we can form a proposal within your allowable estimate.

Standard fees


From 10 hours a month – yours. You can spend them to fix a bunch of bugs or a new icon. The contract with “Subscription” tariff is concluded for 1 year with the hourly cost of 2 500 rubles. Unused hours are burned off at the end of the month.

The tariff is for applications with a constant volume of small tasks and minor edits.


With the Deposit tariff, 1 hour of technical support costs 3,000 rubles. You set the task, get an estimate on cost and terms, make a deposit, and we put the task in the plan for the month and start work.

The tariff is for one-time work, regardless of scale.

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    Checklist for moving an application to support

    iOS, Android and back-end source code
    Access to hosting, AppStore and Google Play, app signing keys
    TOR (if any), database description (entity-relationship diagram)
    Design sources

    Our benefits

    Prompt solution of assigned tasks and meeting deadlines

    Under the SLA the work on the application starts within 72 hours. Errors are corrected urgently and on a priority basis.

    Tasks of any complexity

    Any tasks from a new icon in the interface to complex integration.

    Dedicated high class specialists

    A professional team (developer, designer, and project manager) is assigned to your project. We don’t have newbies learning on your project.

    Exclusive rights to the application

    Codes, accesses, keys, and source code remain with you. Your app is your asset. Just like accounts receivable, a trademark, or a technology patent.

    Clear pricing structure.

    You know what costs what, why it’s so, and how you can do more for less.

    Friendly service.

    Always ready to answer your questions. Your tasks – ALWAYS a priority.

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