About the client

Trading Team SIA is  a group of experienced traders, stock analysts, mathematicians and developers specializing in trading stocks and currencies on Forex and stock markets worldwide.

The goal

To develop Free Stock mobile application on Android OS and web-administrative panel, enabling Forex traders to better invest their personal funds regardless of their trading skills, capital and free time.

The tasks

– To create a convenient tool for stock market participants;

– Improving the skills of retail traders;

– Automation of strategies for private clients;

– Updating of trading signals and Forex pairs

The  solution

Development of a mobile application for all types of stock and Forex traders, from beginners to professionals. The tool allows effective trading of international stocks and currencies.

Constant monitoring with the help of AI trading robots generates a list of signals with high accuracy for short-term trading (duration of orders is 1 week/1 month).

The technologies

EOD Historical Data API, native Android development.


AI technologies track and analyze over 3000 stocks and 100 currency pairs worldwide. Weekly signal updates (25-60).

Personalized watch list with interactive summaries, personal filters to explore, and an unlimited list of stocks and currencies.

Convenient classification by sectors: technology, real estate, financial, etc.

Access to real-time buy/sell trading signals. Overall trading results at all times, information on each individual stock, currency pair and other assets.