About the client 

VkusVill is one of the largest retailers of natural products for healthy eating. The chain includes more than 1,200 stores, micromarkets and vending facilities at MCC stations. 

The goal

To create a messenger application on iOS and Android OS which allows to scale delivery capacities, increase its speed and the number of clients served. 

The tasks 

– Development of delivery architecture, algorithm system and checkout software; 

– Transferring of messenger telegram bot functions to the app; 

– Increasing the effectiveness of interaction between the assembly and delivery services; 

– Expanding of courier functions 

The solution 

The app allows the delivery man to see the route and all orders on a convenient, working map and synchronize his current location with it. 

The courier can track orders at the assembly stage, book them for himself (including responding to new ones if there are unfinished ones) and be linked to multiple outlets. This increases the speed of delivery to remote areas of the city and region. 

By upgrading the cash register software, the courier can accept cashless payment through the terminal and cash, with the ability to issue change, and send receipts for fiscalization. 

The technologies 

ReactJS, backend: php with microservices on GO, SQL stored procedures to communicate with the database.


Updating functionality without the need to upload the build: The architectural solution allows you to make any changes without having to go through the AppStore and Google Play Market for review. 

The app can accept over 95,000 orders per day for delivery and pickup.

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