About the client

VkusVill is one of the largest retailers of natural products for healthy eating. The chain includes more than 1,200 stores, micromarkets and vending facilities at MCC stations.

The goal

Development of a personal account for the Suppliers of products, allowing operational communication with the representatives of the key departments at VkusVill: product managers, technologists, packaging designers and auditors.

The tasks

– Creation of the working channel of interaction and communication;

– Obtaining information about the product (rating, results of inspections, lab tests, etc.);

– Development of convenient product cards and categorization;

– Product statistics

The solution

Using the complex logic of automation processes and web-interface, the human factor was excluded as much as possible. This minimizes errors related to product data and accelerates its uploading into the system.

During data exchange with the accounting system an intermediate database is used, which makes their loading, updating and other processes unnoticeable for users.


PHP, Yii2, Nginx, Jquery, Mysql.


The improving product quality through transparent ratings, lab and customer feedback.

Prompt resolution of problems and issues using internal chats to communicate with VkusVill employees.

The accelerating establishment and product handling processes, eliminating human error.